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              Quality Olde Boston Bulldogges and Other Bullies

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Good Times "Clyde"                                                "Miss Taffie"                                           "stick" fun in the pasture!      



 "Shelley Browne" - Bantam Bulldogge                                          "Fancy" -  French Bulldogge (not bred by us but she was one of our foundation dogs)



Pasture Freedom -- 

Our granddaughter Cassidy with some of our dogs in Oct. 2010



Our Mission Statement:   These dogs are our passion. Nothing gives us more pleasure than to enjoy their company, laugh at their antics, and to see them happy, healthy and athletic.  We don't profess to be experts - we are always learning something new about care, genetics and nutrition.

Our mission is, as long as we are physically able, to continue to live on our farm and surround ourselves with these wonderful dogs and to give others a chance to be able to share the joy and appreciation of these dogs as well. 

Finding a dog that is the right fit for you and your lifestyle is a matter of communication.  Let us know what you are looking for.  Or if you are not sure if this is the dog for you, we will be happy to give you information and help you figure it out.  


e-mail us at, or

phone us at (613) 848-9565    

Wayne & Nicki Cammack 

Ontario, Canada


IMPORTANT!! -   I try to reply to emails in a timely manner, usually within 24 hours.  If you have sent an e-mail and not received a reply, please try again, or give a phone call or text.  Sometimes for no apparent reason, email will go into the Spam folder, and it either sits there for a long time till it is noticed, or else it has disappeared when I have tried to move it to the regular Inbox.   






 TYCHO - now in Winnipeg

                   MAX (one of our boyz)


                 TAZ - now in Colorado Springs

 ROXY (lives in Toronto)

     Our PORTIA as a pup (2007)

ROCKEE the Flying Boston!  (Ontario)

Our Kennel and our Olde Boston Bulldogges are proudly registered with the IOEBA -


We are proud of our veterinarian, Dr. Chris Tummon, Moira Veterinary Clinic