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 NICKI with RALPH and MAX   October 2010


WAYNE sharing easy chair with two pups  Dec. 2010



 Nicki with our senior dog Daisy October 2012  she is 10 years old in this pic






**   " took my wife almost 10 years before she'd allow me to get a dog (she didn't like them)

However now she's even considering another one to keep Boris company..."  

** "We bought a 12 wk. brindle pup from you ... Just a quick note to say she is excellent, she is in great health. She is so damn smart and learning all kinds of things. Once we get over the puppy stage, we might get another one from you. We just love her, she is so affectionate and always good for a laugh..."

"I bought a pup from you...I would like to tell you about him, he's the best dog I've ever owned, he's obedient, very intelligent and aims to please all the time..."

** "Mickey is such a part of our family, we can't imagine life without him...."

 ** "Thank you for the perfect little puppy who brightens my life and makes me laugh..

** "I just want to let you know how happy I am with little Roxy.  I just had to write up a testimonial to let you and others know how much we adore Roxy!!  For anyone who wants to purchase a puppy from Good Time Kennels, I highly recommend them.  Wayne and Nicki have a lot of experience in breeding.  I have personally visited their farm and had a chance to mingle with all of their animals.  They are all very well cared for.  To this date, I still keep in touch with the Cammack family.  We had purchased our little Olde Boston Bulldogge from Good Time Kennels in March of 2006.  We are very happy with the fact that Roxy’s health is very good.  We have not had any problems with her.  She doesn’t have the bulging eyes.  She has a nice and petit frame with a lot of muscle definition.  She is fun, loving, energetic, smart, determined, and really cute.  Her face is really sweet. 
If you are looking for a dog that has a lot of spirit, affection and determination, then this dog is the right type of dog for you.  Roxy can play for hours on end, loves children and other animals. 
Keep on breeding these lovely pups.  If I do decide to have another puppy, I will definitely be coming back to your kennel again!!! "

About Us and our Dogs

Our farm is 2 hours northeast of Toronto, Ontario. ( 4 hours west of Montreal).   If you have questions or need more information you are welcome to e-mail us at, or to phone 613-848-9565.


Imagine having a Boston.... who is free of the health problems that all too often show up in this breed - respiratory problems, incomplete eye socket, structural name just a few.     People are always amazed when they meet our dogs, to see how happy, healthy and athletic they are.

 We have a few different bloodlines.  In addition to the classic tuxedos, we have dogs that we call toy boxer types because of the colouring. Also at various times,  we have black and white pieds, red and white pieds, seals, and brindles. 

Our dogs'  lines come from a dedicated specialty breeder and distant relative, Charles McCaughin (now deceased) who spent years of careful breeding to develop dogs that were more along the lines of the classic Bostons of the early 1900's.  Among other things, our dogs have better bone structure - they now have an improved nose - the turbinate bones unfold so that they do not have the snorting and breathing problems; their eyes are back in a complete socket; they do not have the birthing problems. They have been bred to the natural standard of being their own best selves.  The dogs he had developed were Bostons, yet because of their improved structure, they were different, and Mr. McCaughin called them BOSTONETTS.  In keeping with this, we have honoured his legacy with our GOOD TIME BOSTONETTS name. 

Mr. McCaughin  passed some of his knowledge and all of the appreciation of his dogs on to us, and we are committed to keeping his legacy alive with the help of the girls and boys that we were fortunate enough to get from his kennel.   (See more information on the Charles McCaughin page)

We talk to them through mama's stomach before they are born, and they are already in love with humans and their mysterious psychic powers are blooming. Every day they are fed warm home-blended food, and it is raked up the next morning. We don't drive a fancy new vehicle - most of any money we do make with the dogs, goes right back to THEM. The knowledge of the dogs is found in many places. The truth is found in the dogs themselves. The Boston Bulldogge  is a wonderful creature, loving, psychic, gentle, crazy. They give their best all the time. They should have the best from us. That's how we raise them. We know that we are doing right by the dogs because of the pleasure they give us, and to the people who have bought them from us.

We have carefully planned litters from quality parents, to loving homes. Depending on how they are bred, they come in a variety of colours and patterns. All of them are farm raised and pre-loved because we cherish each and every pup. We encourage people to continue to keep in touch with us and keep us updated, and most folks do, from year to year.  Our Facebook page - GoodTime Bostonetts, is an active community and you are welcome to join.

We have had a lifelong love and association with the bullie breeds.  Our Kennel and our dogs were the first Olde Boston Bulldogge  to be registered with the International Olde English Bulldogge Association (IOEBA), at the invitation of its owner.  We have had our farm in southeastern Ontario since 1985, and we are a registered and licenced kennel in our municipality and have been for the past 25 years. Though we have not of course had the OBB that long, Wayne has had bullie breeds all his life (he turned 60 in 2006). When we got the OBB, they were virtually unknown here in Canada and in the U.S.  other than  the Rutans who were basically the only commonly known breeders.   There are now a few other kennels that we have associated with that have been established over the past years, such as Four Mile Road Ranch, Brigadoon Kennels, O'Klassic, Roundhead, and Wired. 

The breeder who is recognized as the original  of the Olde Boston Bulldogge, is the late Mr. Bill Rutan, and his son Nathaniel now carries on his work.  



A bit of general information about the dogs---

The Olde Boston Bulldogges share common ancestry with the boston terrier of today, but Boston Bulldogges are in general a bigger boned and sturdier, athletic, "better" dog than the boston terrier. It has been said that the Boston Terrier is a "show" dog, and the Olde Boston Bulldogge is a "go" dog! They are great pets, and because of the short sleek hair they don't shed much. With their comical and interesting personalities they are always good entertainment, and they love kids as well as their adult humans. They are active and playful but not a neurotic, "hyper" dog who barks at nothing and for nothing. They will play with you as hard as you want, and they will also sit in the easy chair with you and veg out watching tv. They are loyal and very intelligent , they love to please you, and so they learn quickly.

What we mostly like about them is the fact that, unlike the Boston Terrier which is a nice breed of dog that has been ruined by the AKC and CKC, our dogs don't have the health problems that are common to Boston terriers - such as incomplete eye sockets (bulging eyes), birthing problems, structural and respiratory problems etc. 


We have a collection of very old cast iron statuettes of old time dogs from a foundry, they were made in the 1890's and early 1900's, and the colours of them, and the general appearance - well, they look remarkably like some of our dogs!


Our kennel and our Olde Boston Bulldogges are proudly registered with the International Olde English Bulldogge Association (IOEBA)


Olde Boston Bulldogge breed standards - go to

A walk in the pasture