SOME OF OUR DOGS PAST AND PRESENT SOME OF OUR DOGS PAST AND PRESENT MESHACK Pied male, bred by Charles McCaughin 5269264 SHADRACK Meshack's brother 5269266 GENTLE BEN Toy Boxer type, bred by Charles McCaughin. Now deceased. 5269269 BUSTER BLUE One of our boyz, born 2003. Dad is Clyde, Mom is Lucy 5321471 LITTLE BOY Born 2006. from Barkie x Maggie. Very laid back and sweet. 5321472 FRANCIE Mother of Darko. She is one of Charles McCaughin's girlz. 5321473 LUCY Came from Charles McCaughin's. Mother of Buster Blue and Lulu. Now deceased. 5321474 CHACO One of Charles McCaughin's prized studs. Father of Darko, Tuffy, Minnie. Deceased. 5321475 TRACIE One of Charles McCaughins girls. She is old now, but still full of life. 5321484 BEANS She is from Clyde x Brindie. Mother of dogs such as Weensie. 5321476 FANCY Now deceased. She came from Charles McCaughin's. Mom of Maggie, Muggsie and others. 5321485 SCARLETT Daughter of Rosie. Mom of Shi-Ann 5321477 MISSIE From Charles McCaughin. she passed away from cancer in January 2008. Daughter of Ayla. Mom of Daisy, and others. 5321486 TELLIE From Charles McCaughin. Very friendly and loving. He is an old dog now. 5322805 BRINDIE A real clown. From Charles McCaughin. Now lovingly residing at Brigadoon Kennels in Alberta. 5322806 CHACO One of Charles McCaughins prize stud dogs. Chaco was a true gentleman with a heart of gold. Now passed on. 5322827 LULU, PANDA, BARKIE, MUGGSIE Posing beautifully 5322828 OKIE OKIE - She was one of the first dogs we got from Charles McCaughin. Mother and grandmother of several of our dogs. She is passed now, but we still remember and talk about her, a real sweetheart. 5514469 OKIE OKIE - One of the original dogs we got from Charles McCaughin in 2001. Mother of Barkie, Minnie. The sweetest litle dog we have ever had. Now deceased. 5321487 OKIE She didnt mind posing 5514487