THE 'AWWW' FACTOR! THE 'AWWW' FACTOR! Our bulldogge SweetPea with a Boston pup 5577201 Our granddaughter Cassidy with Debbie a Bulldogge we once had 5577202 OKIE posing 5577203 Tuffy x Maggie pups born 2005 5577204 THREE AMIGOS 2004 Minnie (top), Baby, Sally 5577183 DARLA dressed for cold weather 5578184 BUSTER BROWNE snoozing 5578185 Granddaughter CASSIDY with Tuffy x Lulu pup 2005 5578186 DARLA with Cassidy & Reilly 5578187 CASSIDY with Minnie & Darla in our pasture 5578204 RALPH the dog, crashing the picnic! 5578205 LITTLE CHUNKIE BROWNE X SCARLETT pup 2006 5578206 TAMMY (GEORGE X DAISY) 2006 5578207 TAZ SUPPORTS THE TROOPS IN CAMOUFLAGE! 5578188 URSULA 2005 5578402 2002 - Cassidy and OKIE 6788909 PUPPY FACE ! BORIS - George x Minnie born 2008 Now living in Cambridge, Ontario 10953625 Bailey and baby Bailey (Buster Blue x Panda , born Aug 2005) Getting kisses and hugs from her "girl". Owned by the McCallums, Nova Scotia 16335144 Bailey Bailey exploring with her little girl 16335145 MURRY from Boston with baby sis KAYLA MURRY checking out his new baby sister KAYLA ! Oct 2008 Boston, Mass. Murry is Clyde x Minnie 16536972