Quality Olde Boston Bulldogges and other Bullies

This quote is very appropriate to Mr. McCaughin's work :

"Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds."  -  Albert Einstein


Thank you for visiting this page for information about our mentor and distant relative,  the late Charles McCaughin.  We think you will find it interesting.   As I get time, I will put some more pictures on this page.

It is an honour and a  priviledge for us to be the keeper of  his albums of writings, dog photos, etc.   and we don't think he would mind if we shared some of it. 

Feel free to read and enjoy, but because we still consider this to be the property of Mr. McCaughin,  we  ask that you not reproduce it.   But if you have a website, you are welcome to link this.

First, a brief history of how we got our Olde Boston Bulldogges from Mr. McCaughin

 Very briefly, our dogs lines come from Charles McCaughin (pronounced McCann) who was a specialty breeder in Oklahoma. He was a very gifted, articulate man whose passion was his dogs and the betterment of them. He initially started out by wanting to breed and develop a “better” Boston Terrier, one that had good breathing ability because of a slightly longer muzzle; eyes that were not “frog” eyes but with sockets in the head’ free whelpers, better body structure, etc.… In his words, “Years of careful breeding unlocked the genetic codes; the colours went wild”  , and in his development of a better dog,  Charles stumbled upon the Bostons of years ago. Because they were Boston Terriers but not like the present day Boston Terriers, he coined the name Bostonetts. He was excoriated by the “mainstream” Boston Terrier kennel clubs for his efforts which they considered heresy.  We will share  writings of some of his rebuttals to these people, which are classics and also show the level of his dedication.

Because we did not have a computer at the time, Wayne got a friend  to search on the internet for Boston breeders.  Wayne had very specific ideas of what he was looking for in a dog,  and once he phoned Mr. McCaughin, he knew the search was over, he and Charles were kindred spirits. They had long conversations into the night for several months, and we received literature from him in the mail and Wayne made plans to go to Oklahoma to see him. Unfortunately Mr. Mc. passed away of heart problems in Feb. of 2001, he was 68. In May, after many conversations with Charles widow Debbie, Wayne traveled the long trip down to OK, and brought back a few girls and boyz. A few months later, Mrs. McCaughin was making a total life change, and contacted us to offer to sell the rest of the dogs to us. The rest , as they say is history. In addition to many of Mr. Mc.’s writings and photo albums, we also have his ashes at our place. Every time one of his original old dogs passes on, some of those ashes get sprinkled in the dog’s grave. We still feel Mr. McCaughins spirit and inspiration, and have tried to continue his legacy with breeding the dogs to be the best that they can be. Mr. McCaughin had kept records in his own private registry’; much of this had been stolen from his place after his death and we had to piece things together with the verbal help of his widow to sort out bloodlines. Some of the dogs we had to start from scratch as the first generation.


A few words about Charles from his wife

Here is an excerpt from the eulogy his widow Debbie said of him at his funeral:

"In addition to his great love and dedication to his dogs, Charles was a man of many talents, - Carpenter, Air Force Entertainment Specialist, Ballroom dancer, Magician, Licensed hair stylist, Chef, Maitre de, Certified Nurseryman.. He loved kneeling in a garden with his hands in the dirt, there he heard God's voice. He saw his talent for music a gift of Grace from the Holy spirit..that playing and singing were his rightful Prayer and Praise back to his Father for the gift of Life and Grace..."

Some of Charles' Writings - found in albums that we inherited from him


An  e-mail Mr. McCaughin wrote 4/5/1999 :

 “…I am a specialty breeder.  I am into genetic research.  AKC and the so called Boston Terrier lovers are having a cow.  They breed so close, trying to get dogs with exactly this or that, that they overlook about 12 genetic faults and continue to breed them again and again into the dogs.  We are the Lovin’Hands bostonetts registry and licenced kennel.  We are glad to say we are not AKC.

…My work is now as was at the beginning of the breed the result of line breeding, other bloodlines, and also from inbreeding father to daughter or mother to son.  this is fully accepted by modern animal husbandry practice to put more meat on swine or to put more milk or meat on cattle.  I have put the eyes back INTO the face, made the nose longer by ¾” to correct the breating and in so doing have moved the upper teeth to be directly above the lower teeth.  I should not need to say but am proud to say “My dogs can bite a flea”.    Line breeding and inbreeding have given us the proper block head and accidentally opened the genetic codes of all the ancestors.  Colour has gone wild.  These dogs live to 23 (the record).  I would rather buy one back than have it where it was not absolutely loved and cherished.  they are my kids and I cry when I sell one. 


An e-mail  dated 3/16/99  replying to someone (name will be withheld)  who obviously was giving Mr. McCaughin a hard time and must have been an AKC  “boston terrier person”  :


....”I have 6 veterinarians here that have seen my work and not only accept it but even say its about time.  I have the right to call my breed varieties anything I wish.. 

I call my dogs “Bostonetts” because it is close to Boston Terrier and yet is clearly different.  That is reasonable and fair.  It is not to your liking or for that matter to the liking of many other devotees of this club or that club.  I do not belong any longer to any club.  I belong to my dogs.  I am more like Jack Russell.  I do not bow down to false gods.  There are dozens of breeds and so many dozens of breeders that do not wish to have the blessing of you or your clubs.  The Jack Russell dog Club of America and the Dog De Bordeaux (The dog from Turner and Hooch)…..


It would have been a social courtesy to inquire of my work and puposes, but as I have been experiencing, that would require a person to read and think.  I have collected all of the letters that have been sent.  I was put on a hit list by an AKC devotee on the east coast.  I’ve had enough of these calls to see that the majority of these persons are responding only to one persons opinion.  The letters are filled with unfounded statements and are the products of people on the fringe of lunacy.  Their ignorance is exceeded only by their bad manners.  The club people are free to march to their own cause.  I only ask that you march down your own street and I’ll march down mine, mine and indeed to the beat of a different drummer.  Simply put I don’t use your papers…I am a registry and have my own papers.  I don’t have the respect or recognition of you folks and I don’t miss it.  YOU DON’T HAVE MY DOGS.


I breed more to the standards I find in the official AKC Book of Dogs, 1935.  The book describes in general terms with a picture the “blocky head”  The Boxer is called on to have a “blocky head”.. the definition of a blocky head is “a cube like formation of the head as is found in the Boston Terrier”.  Our head is flat from ear to ear (the massater muscles raise the dome of the skull to a flat surface from side , from there the profile of the head is flat forward to the browline where it takes an abrupt downturn to the stop (the bridge of the nose).  The angle turns directly forward parallel to the angle of the top of the head.  This continues to the tip of the nose and turns down past fairly even teeth.  The words are quoted, the angles described!  are forward, 90 degrees down, 90 degrees forward.  (most dogs now have no forward) and again 90 degrees down past fairly even teeth.

I am enclosing an example of the apple head and of the blocky head.  The Bostons were called apple heads at one time. Pity the dogs; the eyes were and still are not protected.  The number one eye injury is eye loss.  On the first page of the said book, it refers to the development of the boston by CROSS BREEDING, LINE BREEDING AND INBREEDING.  Until there were more than one line of the same breed there could be no line breeding.  Cross breeding is between two different non related breeds (Poodle and Cocker = cockapoo).  Line breeding is between two dogs of like breed that are not of the same genetic or same blood line.  There was no second bloodline at the beginning (WHERE DID ADAM’S CHILDREN GET THEIR WIVES IF THEY WERE THE ONLY ONES).  One must read and learn.  Knowledge without wisdom is like a jackass carrying a load of books.



THE STUPID GENE IS STILL WITH US…. I witness its presence in the confused letters that come in response to a legitimate project—my dogs.  These letters come to condemn my dogs which they have neither seen or understood.  They are Bostons. Whether you folks like it or not, THEY ARE BOSTONS.  Your thoughtless attacks on what you do not know and cannot understand is evidenced in your haste to inject your likes and dislikes into my life.  My life is made up of time; when you waste my time you waste my life. 

Please take this letter to your ritual meeting of the loyal devotees of the Boston club to which you belong and read it to them slowly that they may understand.  Then post it upon the door of that great church, that all the members of your congregation will know directly what I have said.  The Boston is the most psychic of all the dogs.  If the temperament of the dog were removed it would no longer be a Boston.   If there is only one God why are there so many churches (A ZEN PUZZLE). 


My dogs demonstrate and are indeed the proof that I am involved in advanced genetic research with the Boston Terrier.  The dog is congenitally cursed with the following but incomplete list of birth defects:  HYDROCEPHALIC (water on the brain); CLEFT PALATE, CLEFT LIP, BLINDNESS, DEAFNESS, BUG EYES (Incomplete eye socket - #1 injury EYE LOSS), BRACHYCEPHALIC (short head, flat nose, crushed TURBONET BONES IN THE NARES OF THE NOSE, ASTHMATIC SYMPTOMS, SINUS PROBLEMS, INABILITY TO RUN FOR A SUSTAINED TIME PERIOD WITHOUT ALMOST DYING. (It is natural for dogs to run. The original dogs, the canids ran to catch their dinner or to avoid becoming dinner for something else.)  The lower mandible in the boston terrier is abnormal.  The dog cannot bite a flea.  These conditions I have named are common congenital birth defects.  Please consider the word CON GENITAL.  It means WITH GENETICS – AT BIRTH RESULTS THAT COME WITH LIFE RESULTS OF BAD BREEDING.



The standards of your different clubs want a special dog, 31 eyelashes on each eyelid. A crushed back nose (even though the code allows 1/3 the depth of the head to be muzzle. The breathing problems because you breed them in to the dog again and again.  The short head promotes problems with the pituitary gland and denies the dog the necessary hormones that initiate labor contractions.  That’s also bred into the dog.  The eyes are lost due to the incomplete eye socket because you collectively have bred away the frontal process of the zygomatic bone (THE WALL BONE THAT COMPLETES THE EYE). You have it the dog does not.  It’s on record that a dog barked so loud that the eyeball fell out.  That’s been bred in as a fault.  The eyeball should never extend forward or to the side past the temporal plane.  The standard is wide, expressive, kind ? (what kind of description is that?)  AND IN THE FRONT OF THE SKULL … in.. in  ….  The correct placement of the eye is in the vertical plane of the face formed by the abrupt down turn at the browline and the abrupt forward plane from the stop (AKC Dog book 1935).  

Your champions of today cannot often enough display these specifications.  In 1935 they could.  But those who now claim to LOVE THE BOSTON TERRIER  are themselves guilty of bad breeding by breeding into the animal all of the CON GENITIC faults.  Those faults are there because you and a lot of unschooled and clubwise bigoted people follow a piper that only cares for the money.

 I am not saying that you do not love the dogs as deeply as I do;  But in truth the only papers of value are the ones that the puppies poop on.  The guaranteed certification of pedigree of a boston indicated mama had bug eyes and so did papa, mama had a smashed nose and breathing problems, so did papa.  Mama had a shovel mouth and could not bite a flea and so did papa, add to that one of more of the females cannot whelp without surgery, Here then is your wonderful guaranteed certification of pedigree.. IT IS A GUARANTEE THAT YOUR PUPPY IS GOING TO MANIFEST THE SAME ABNORMAL FAULTS.  That is the law of genetics, Not my law but the law.


I have taken years of LINE BREEDING AND INBREEDING TO RESTORE TO MY DOGS THE CORRECT BONE STRUCTURE AND TO CORRECT THE OTHER FAULTS.  TO THE 1935 STANDARD MY DOGS ARE CORRECT.  THEY CAN STAND AND BE JUDGED AND FARE WELL AGAINST YOUR DOGS BUT NOT WITH YOU FOLKS DOING THE JUDGING FROM YOUR BIASED POINT OF VIEW.   They will do well if judged by an animal specialist like my 6 vets that care for my pack.   I breed the dogs to the natural standard of being their own best selves.  All of the colors I show are commonly occurring.  I however find the health and vigor of the dogs to be more important than the color or the number of eyelashes. 

I am doing genetic research to eliminate the conditions that you and yours are constantly inbreeding into the dogs.  I have 5 different male genetic bloodlines and 9 bloodlines in my females.  I can blend a longer nose in to give better length to a short nose. 

It works.  My dogs are the proof.  They are their own certification.  I sell loving companion dogs one at a time to people of taste.  I refuse sale at times and I cry when one of my kids leave me and go to a new home…. My dogs grow up at my feet in the house and they steal my sandwiches and bite my toes and I love them.  By special feeding and nutrition that I use and am teaching to my vets, I expect more or longevity or at least the years they live will be healthy and vigorous all the way. 

Please render me the concern and appreciation that in exchange for the time I have taken to inform you that you will reproduce this letter and deliver it to your fellow believers.  I otherwise do not concern myself with your or their affairs, I ask the gracious gift of the same from you.         

    Respectfully, Charles McCaughin.


AMBROSIA - Formula of Charles McCaughin’s  “Lovin’ Hands Bostonetts”  Registry & Kennel

Ambrosia  - 


1 can jack mackerel fish

1 lb. fatty hamburger

3 raw egg yolks (save the whites)

Cod liver oil

Brewers yeast



In blender mix:

½ cup hot water

3 egg whites

1 tblsp cooking oil

3 or 4 raw leaves – lettuce, kale, spinach, etc.


Mix all and combine to make meat balls or freeze to cubes.

Give 1 each day to provide live enzymes, Vitamins A,D,E, all amino acids, all sea minerals, Alpha 3 calcium, phosphorous and magnesium.  this is intended to provide the enzymes and nutrition essentials for vitality and to serve as a reward incentive.  For pregnant, nursing, sick or just lackluster dogs or as a boost to young puppies.