Quality Olde Boston Bulldogges and other Bullies


Different bloodlines have produced various sizes and colours...

DAISY  -- Daughter of Meshak x Missie (in Photo Gallery section under Dogs past and present) - Daisy is a natural athlete with a sense of playfulness, and a real ham!

with pups May 2007

TIPPY  --  Daughter of Clyde x Daisy, she is full of zest for life, always a smile on her face. Has produced some wonderful pups. 

Little Missy - Daughter of Little Red x Daisy. Beautiful red tuxedo.


MINNIE - Daughter of Chaco x Okie (in Archives)  - Black & white pied, 25 lb.  One of the queens of the house.

ROSIE - Beautiful red brindle.  "Old family"  lines, one of the original girlz we got from Charles McCaughin.  She's getting old now, but has produced pups like herself.  Mom of Brand

BRANDY -- Daughter of Jack x Rosie.  Beautiful compact, muscled body.

Bambi  -- Beautiful  "toy boxer" type colour.  Undisputed queen of the house, and guardian of all the pups.

                                                                                                             .....with Brandy     -      Spring, 2008



Tina - daughter of Tuffy x Bambi. We decided to keep her. Lovely personality and looks. 

Divine - Another one of our lovely girls, "toy boxer" style. 

Baby - One of our smallest females, but has a compact muscular body.

Bridget - Daughter of Darko x Baby.  Sassy, spirited, always ready for fun.

THREE AMIGOS -  2007.  Left to right - Bridget, Darla, Brandy

"LITTLE GIRL"  -  Parents are Barkie x Maggie.         Her motto - "The best food is stolen food!"

                                                                                                             With our granddaughter Cassidy 2007