Quality Olde Boston Bulldogges and other Bullies

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Scroll down to see Olde Boston Bulldogge puppies  that we have previously had (now sold)   

We also have  Frenchie X    (non IOEBA registered) on the Frenchie X  page. 

PLUS Bantam Bullies  (not IOEBA registered )  - see the Bantam Bulldogge page for photos


 Our puppies are sold with vet check and first shots, recent worming,  and  satisfaction guarantee. 

Our Olde Boston Bulldogges  are registered with the International Olde English Bulldogge Association (IOEBA). 

We sell our pups as pets one at a time to people of taste.  They are generally  $1000 and up, depending on bloodlines and rarity of colour. 

We do not sell for breeding purposes except by private treaty.  Any other breeding of our dogs has been done without our authorization.   


We may also have some puppies or dogs not shown on the site, so feel free to call or e-mail, let us know what you may be looking for, we might have the dog for you! 


 For more information or photos, contact us.  (613) 848-9565  email



TUFFIE  X  PORTIA        1 Female and 1Male born Nov. 4, 2011  Both now SOLD  but will leave them on for awhile !

PANDA (Female) - SOLD  (Long Island, NY)

  SOLD  (Connecticut)

BARKIE X LITTLE MISSIE  -   1M & 1F born October 15, 2011



Shown with her mom

MALE - SOLD (Boston area)

MAX  X  PORTIA       Male pups born Feb. 10, 2011  BOTH NOW SOLD




"LITTLE BUDDY" - SOLD (Rochester NY)

A quiet and sweet natured guy!














LITTLE BOY  X  DOTTIE   1Male & 2 Females born April 14, 2011

The pups are now all SOLD.  



One male and female were sold even before we got them on website.  The third male is also sold, but we will keep his photo on for now, this is just such a cute baby pic of him. 

MALE "Herbie" - SOLD  - Boston area, Mass. 




  LITTLE BOY - with our granddaughter Cassidy


MAX  X  BRIDGET    1 Female & 2 Males born Feb. 19, 2011








 Max -- 

BRIDGET  (She is also a sister of Little Mack in our Studs page) - 



CHAMPAGNE CHARLIE  X  BRIDGET -  Olde Boston Bulldogge  litter born July 5, 2010

 2 Females and 3 Males.  ALL THIS LITTER NOW SOLD, but will keep pix on for a little while


Male 1 ("Caesar" and Female 2 ("Flash"(now Luna).  Max is in the middle.  (Taken August 25, 2010)


Female 1 - SOLD - Toronto

Female 2:    SOLD - New York

Male 1:  SOLD - Mississauga, Ont.

Male 2:  SOLD - Toronto


 Male 3 :  "PJ"  - SOLD  (Toronto)

These pix taken Dec. 4, 2010  

"They made me wear this stupid Santa hat for the picture!"

Portrait shot of PJ Oct. 30th -


"BART"  -   SOLD (Connecticut)

(BARKIE  x  DOTTIE)    born March 19th, 2009 -   

 Below - Bart (left) running with his mom Dottie 




MAX  X  BRANDY - "PENNY"  -   born August 12, 2009 - SOLD - gone to Maryland


 "Here's what I think of the HAPPY NEW YEAR hat that you tried to make me wear!"




Archive photo   ---    Dogz having fun! August/2008    L to R:  Mr. Patch(sold), Jade behind him(sold), Snickers(sold), Emmie(sold), Bambi (mom of Jade  and Chloe), Portia