Quality Olde Boston Bulldogges and other Bullies


April, 2010  -  This is a fun page that we plan to continue expanding with lots of photos!  As well as more recent people, we would also like to get more people from the past who have gotten dogs from us. (we are in the process of getting in touch with past people to ask them for photos or permission to use past photos that they have sent us).   

Please do get in touch with us and send us a photo of yourself and/or family, with your GoodTime dog.  Just let us know how you want us to label it.  If you just want first name and the state / province where you live, that is fine.

Note - All photos put here have been put with permission from the people involved.

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"SCRAPPY" with his human, Sue Camins of

Santa Monica, CA  & Chicago.  2008

Scrappy is Olde Boston Bulldogge, from Tuffy x Lulu dob Oct 28, 2004


Below:  Sue and Harvey Camins with their clan of kids and dogs.  Long Island NY - Thanksgiving 2006.  (Including Puss the French Bulldog, and Presley the Great Dane.)  The three dogs in the centre are Claudie, Bandit and Scrappy all from GoodTime Kennels! 

Dan Camins (2nd from right) - Assistant to producer Jerry Bruckheimer              

Annie Camins (far right) - Director of Youth Hockey at                                                    Chicago Black Hawks




Another photo of Scrappy, at work in his job as a

Certified Therapy Dog!  2009


DOLCI and BOZ with their humans, who live near Washington DC.

DOLCI  (caramel coloured female) is Bantam Bulldogge from Paulie x Miss Taffie dob March 10, 2009. 

BOZ (black & white) is Olde Boston Bulldogge from Barkie xTippy, dob March 26, 2009


Below -  DOLCI  (left) and BOZ with their humans












ROCKY BALBOA with his  human, Brian, in Connecticut

Rocky is from Barkie x Tippy, dob March 26, 2009 and so he is a brother to BOZ shown above.




  Below -  Dolci and Boz with their humans












PEPPER ANN (in center) with her human Sarah and the rest of her posse, Rudi and Belli.  in Toronto.

Pepper Ann is Bantam Bulldogge, from Jack the Licker x Annie, born Nov. 2009.


ODIN with one of his humans, Satu of British Columbia

Odin is from Clyde x Minnie dob July, 2006

Also check out Satu's site


COCO with her new human Marc Morano of Virginia, who drove up to our place to pick her up - March 2010 

Coco is from Dade x Shelley (French Bulldog x Bantam Bulldog) dob Dec. 18, 2009

Coco with her "girls"


Feb, 2011 - Coco sleeping with her new 3 month old human, Anthony!



       JACO and his human Ian in Toronto   April 2010

     Jaco is Bantam Bulldogge (Jack the Licker x Annie) born Nov. 24, 2009


REMY with her human, Meg - Toronto 2010

Remy is from Max  x  Tina, dob Nov. 15, 2009

REMY  with her four footed family member, Mowgli the cat

KONA with one of her humans, Gord of Alberta

Kona is Olde Boston Bulldogge from Max  x  Brandy dob Feb. 27, 2009



Kona hanging out with JAX the Bulldog, another member of the clan.



FRANKIE with his human Aland, in Vancouver, BC

"Frankie's the real one behind the jewellery making. I just watch."
Aland Irene

DARLA with her human, Tracey, in Ontario

Darla is from Max  x  Bridget , dob Dec. 23, 2009

Below, Darla with her "big sister", Nova

Below - Darla (far right) and her "sisters" Nova and Heidi! 


HARLEY  in  Alberta - wearing 3D glasses! 

Harley is from Buster Blue (Yoda) x Panda, dob August 6, 2005

(Below) - Harley with his human, Eva

KOKO    who was picked up on May 9, 2010 by his new humans Alicia & Mike, Ontario 

Koko is from Max x Little Girl, dob June 5, 2009

 May, 2010 - KOKO (now renamed GUS) playing with his new adopted "sisters" Izzy and Elise  -  Toronto

 COOPER (white&red) & MOBY (inside balloon) with their human MJ,  in Toronto

Cooper is from Tuffy x Missie, dob July 28, 2004                                                  Moby is from Tuffy x Weensie, dob June 15, 2006

Check out the "real" picture below, and then the tote bag!!



 PIXIE with her new humans DENISE and MARC who came from Windsor Ont. to pick her up  May 2010.

Pixie is from Darko x Maggie, dob April 27, 2007

Pixie with her new "brother" and best friend VINCE the Boston Terrier:

Pixie in her favourite chair, watching out the window and waiting for her humans to come home!

CLEO with one of her humans, SHANTEL of Regina, Saskatchewan

Cleo is Olde Boston Bulldogge, from Max  x  Little Girl.  dob June 5, 2009


  CLEO with another one of her humans, NATASHA.  jULY 2010

TUCK who now lives with the THOMPSONS in Long Island, NY

Tuck enjoys playing lacrosse and ball and just hanging out with "his" boys!




BELLA with her humans, JOHN, TINA & KURT of Moncton, New Brunswick

 Bella, Olde Boston Bulldogge, from Little Boy x Brandy dob Feb., 2007


JAZZ - Olde Boston Bulldogge dob May 25, 2008  from Max  x  Daisy

Living in Ontario

JAZZ with her non-blood sister MYLEE, soaking up the sun on the deck:




JAZZ giving a kiss to one of her humans, SAMANTHA:

Swimming in Lake Ontario:

ROCKY  with one of his humans SASHA.  Toronto, Ont.

Rocky is from Tuffy x Baby, dob May 31, 2004


MURRY with his humans Jim, Jen and Kayla of Massachussetts.   Photo taken July 2010 in Rockport, Massachussetts, a small northeastern MA town on the ocean.

 MURRY is Olde Boston Bulldogge from Clyde x Minnie, dob July 6 2005 

TYCHO sharing the special day of his humans Dave and Shereese in Winnipeg, Manitoba.  summer 2010

Tycho is Olde Boston Bulldogge from Clyde x Darla, dob March 15, 2008.  Tycho's puppy picture is on our home page.

QUINCY with her humans Mike and Mary, Mississauga, Ontario  Sept. 2010

Quincy is from Champagne Charlie x Bridget, dob July 5, 2010

CALIE  with her young human, Tegan of Pennsylvania    summer 2010

Calie is from Barkie x Little Missie d.o.b. Feb. 27, 2009


BRUNI  with his human Janette, Toronto

Brutus is brother to Quincy & Brutus, just above.  From Champagne Charlie x Bridget, dob July 5, 2010




BRUTUS (in background) with his adopted big "brother" Buster - Toronto

Brutus is brother to Quincy just above.  From Champagne Charlie x Bridget, dob July 5, 2010








  PARKER - with one of his humans, Tara - Massachessetts

Parker is Bantam Bulldogge, from George x Snowball, born June 28, 2010

HANK with his little human, Duncan in Toronto.

Hank is from Little Mack x Maggie, dob Sept. 3, 2010